Festival Yamazaki is now 25 years old!
29 de marzo de 2019

Vinos Yamazaki was founded in Shizuoka in 1913, at the beginning they dedicated all the efforts to the commercialization of Sake and later they began with the importation of wines.


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In Sieraków, a stone's throw from Krakow, supporting our Dom Wina distributor
28 de marzo de 2019

We already talked about our Dom Wina distributor in our blog, in one of the trips we take twice a year to support the activities it organizes.

At this time of the year the Horeca 2019 Eve…

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The magic of life
27 de marzo de 2019

Have you ever seen those beautiful photos of naked vines with drops like tears at the end of some pruned branches? This phenomenon called "bleeding" is the characteristic sign of the awakeni…

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ProWein 2019
26 de marzo de 2019

Este año para ProWein es un año importante, ya que cumple 25 años de historia de éxito como feria internacional de referencia en el mundo del vino. La ministra de Agricultura Julia Kl…

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