4 keywords: London, Ellis of Richmond, Vintner's Hall and ... a lot of cava.
08 de febrero de 2019

This is time to make London protagonist of our blog and more specifically, it is time to speak about our distributor Ellis of Richmond the star of these days. We already talked about its his…

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Meeting in Zurich ... forgetting there a piece of heart
31 de enero de 2019

We start the New Year with a visit to our Swiss distributor Vinosur, based in stunning Zurich, the economic center of all of Switzerland. The city offers all the comforts of a cosmopolitan m…

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The tirage has already begun!
11 de diciembre de 2018

From the offices of our winery, today, we begin to hear the tinkle of glass bottles. A distant sound that does not bother, on the contrary, awakens in us the curiosity to go down the stairs …

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The art of the blend ... the spell of our winemaker
27 de noviembre de 2018

The oenologist's work, in the process of elaborating a cava, is an arduous and responsible task. He, throughout the year, assumes completely different functions and must remain alert to each…

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