Pruning, the process that will define the quality of our wine
15 de noviembre de 2018

This week we have started with the pruning of the vines, a very important process that will determine the quality of the grape, and as a consequence the quality of the wine of the next harve…

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Travel to Russia in the most beautiful and important cities
06 de noviembre de 2018

The trip with our Wine Discovery distributor is over, like all beautiful things. We can only live from the memory of the experiences lived with this magnificent team of professionals, energe…

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Between multietnicity, great fields and transparent rivers...
16 de octubre de 2018

The central position of Belgium in Europe, a true crossroads of the Latin and Germanic world, multilingualism and political, social and religious freedom have contributed to the cosmopolitan…

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Final Harvest Report 2018
10 de octubre de 2018

The end of the harvest is the end of a great emotional tension.

The grapes are now in the tanks, ready to ferment and we know that it is time to clean the tools used to harvest and let th…

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