Our Mont Marçal wines and cavas range is closely linked to the image of transition between the foundation of the company and its dynamic evolution towards the demands of the market close to our customers, is synonymous of tradition, innovation and courage.

We are characterized by the desire to stay anchored to the past, but always keeping our eyes open to a constantly changing future to provide a small touch of regeneration and modernity. Our aim is to produce wines achievable to the tastes of different customer segments.

The trip with our Wine Discovery distributor is over, like all beautiful things. We can only live from the memory of the experiences lived with this magnificent team of professionals, energetic and positive people, and deep connoisseurs of Wine market.

The question that came to us as soon as we landed in Moscow was: How can we survive such beauty?

In Moscow, there are three ways to survive the winter: firstly, to put on the ušanka, the typical Russian hat, secondly to enjoy vodka and thirdly to get lost in the literature, art and history of this enigmatic country.

We have chosen this …

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