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This is time to make London protagonist of our blog and more specifically, it is time to speak about our distributor Ellis of Richmond the star of these days. We already talked about its history and its foundation in a previous news of our trip, which took place last year.

In a Victorian environment, overloaded with antique furniture of unmistakable style, floral upholstery and immense crystal lamps that illuminate the rooms with a faint and very pleasant light, every year the event of our importer took place in the Vintner's Hall of the Vintners Palace. This place received its first recognition in 1363 and is nowadays the ideal place to celebrate a classy, ​​refined and exclusive event.
It is worth mentioning the royal decree that was signed in 1973 authorizing this institution to regulate the consumption of wine, delegating important responsibilities such as teaching the consumer to drink properly and in the healthy measures wines, champagnes and cavas in order to spread the culture of wine.

Very often, in this palace courses and events are organized to approach the winemaking tradition in an environment that, without doubt is the reincarnation of the desire of all English to enjoy high quality products in the company of the exponents of sensational wineries such as  AB Valley, DFJ Vinhos, Kellerei Kaltern Caldaro, Vignetti Le Monde, Cantina Gorgo,Cantina Crociani, Monte Faustino, Donatella Colombini, Cantine Umberto Bortolotti, Wairau River Family Vineyards, Paulett Wines, David Bruce, Markham Valley, Chono Wines, Backsberg Estate, De Wetshof Estate, Bluebell Vineyards, Lestapis, Lucien Boillot, Domaine de l’Amandine, Champagne AR Lenoble, Château d’Esclans, Jean Baptiste Adam, Caves Languedoc Roussillon, Lorgeril, Chamoagne Lombard, Noelia Bebelia, Bodegas Resalte de Peñafiel, Bodegas Taron, Fincas de Azabache, y Hacienda el Ternero...and obviously Mont Marçal.

Our collaboration with Ellis of Richmond continues for years with excellent results, new challenges, and good expectations between the precision and the strong sense of responsibility and hard work typical of British people and the passionate nature of our land and our precious denomination of origin.

The event lasted two days, on 5th and 6th of February, on a Tuesday and on a Wednesday, ideal days for restaurateurs, managers, professionals and apprentices not to miss this essential appointment. The influx of visitors is amazing, more than 600 people who, visiting our stand, have been transported to the beauty and peace of our vineyards, between the fresh air of the hills that surround us, between the sea breeze that reaches our farmhouse, breathing the Mediterranean essence of our environment and the perfume of our land.

Mont Marçal Reserva, with its freshness and aromatic intensity, Mont Marçal Rosado, with a touch of roses and jasmine and Extremarium with its complexity and its creaminess are the stars of the festival.An event that we will remember with nostalgia, in a great city. Yes, because London creates dependency. While we visited the city, immersing ourselves in its traditions and breathing its history, we met on the street different kind of people and we were attracted mainly by the speeches they make and their open mind.

London sometimes seems like a lion roaring in front of your face that wants to scare you, stop you and throw you back. If you are not willing to let yourself go and be tolerant and open minded, you will not appreciate this city and you will not fit in with the frenetic pace that characterizes it and you will end up feeling disoriented, excluded, isolated in the midst of millions of people.To fully experience the wonderful London you have to have a natural predisposition, courage, put a lot of effort and passion in understanding and appreciating the human race and you will need a lot of energy and be ready to see many rapid changes, as fast as a pedestrian who goes to work crossing the street among thousands of cars that follow their path with speed.

London is a city that transmits feelings, this is a fact, feelings that you live in every corner, because to visit this city you do not need meticulous preparations, just wanting to get lost, to learn and be willing to live with different nationalities: the Bangladesh taxi driver, the Italian who prepares pizzas with all his art, the Moroccan who works in his supermarket open 24 hours or the real Englishman who goes to work thinking about everything he will have to do during the day and waiting for his tea-break.