We already talked about our Dom Wina distributor in our blog, in one of the trips we take twice a year to support the activities it organizes.

At this time of the year the Horeca 2019 Event took place in the small and cozy Sieraków at 30km from the breathtaking Krakow.

At 12:30 on 14th of March, the event began. It is organized officially for a professional audience of the Horeca channel in the intact nature of the place where the owner Pawel organizes the festival with love and impeccably each year. Accompanied by Italian, Argentine, French, Israeli and Uruguayan wineries the owner of the company opened the tastings with a detailed speech about the situation of Dom Wina, especially the new incorporation and the new Dwor Sieraków vodka produced by them and that is having an impressive success. We had the honor to try it exclusively and to understand more thoroughly its production process and its maceration with typical forest fruits of Poland.

Although Dom Wina has an extensive portfolio of Mont Marçal, this time the products presented were the Gran Cuvée cava, the Marcelona Blanco wine, Marcelona tinto and Mont Marçal Crianza.

The affluence of the public is about 250 people. The Gran Cuvée is the star of the moment with the Crianza red wine.

We understood that Poland is a country that loves the most complex and consistent products. The palate of the Poles is satisfied and complete only when a wine or cava have a certain consistency and a precise long aftertaste.

The acceptance of our products in this market is very good, the most part of professionals tasted our cava, they repeated it and they were really interested in knowing more about the history of the cava and its denomination of origin, an aspect that stood out a lot and let think about the curious nature of the Poles, who for a moment, confident, let themselves be taken by hand and transported in our vineyards to enjoy the sight of the first buds and the faint perfume of the approaching spring.

Once the festival was over, as always Pawel with Arthur and Kasia, two important figures of the Dom Wina team, is the soul of the party and gave the “go-ahead” to start the delicious and entertaining dinner where the Polish delicacies accompanied the wines of other wineries and our cava.

We left this desolate but pleasant and quiet place to go straight to the frenetic Prowein fair, two completely antithetic events. In our heart it was necessary to keep alive the memory of these days spent among the forests and the perfumes of the real Polish campaign. In this way, we were able to keep cold the nerves and face the most important wine fair in the world.