Vinos Yamazaki was founded in Shizuoka in 1913, at the beginning they dedicated all the efforts to the commercialization of Sake and later they began with the importation of wines.

Nowadays, they continue with the commercialization of Sake and also with the import and sale of wines and delicatessen from all over the world, being one of the best known importers in the country. It dispose of 24 big gourmet stores in strategic places in Japan where Mont Marçal is present with many references of its portfolio.

Our mission began on 6th of March with a dinner in the city that saw the birth of Vinos Yamazaki and where it currently has its honorary headquarters, Shizuoka. We participated in an event where a dinner is held with about 300 people, in which Mont Marçal is made known with a welcome drink of Extremarium Brut Reserva.

During dinner people could taste our key products for the Japanese market such as Extremarium Brut Reserva, Aureum Brut Nature Gran Reserva and Mas Marçal Garnacha.

The days passed quickly as planned, according to the frantic and tireless pace of our Japanese colleagues. Japanese culture is very fascinating. The Japanese, in many ways, feel nowadays very close to Europe, but they also live a great and ancient diversity, of which they are rightly proud. The sense of honor and respect that distinguish Japanese culture, especially as far as concerned work, help to create situations of peaceful and efficient meetings and relationship problems rarely arise. Japan is a hyper-organized country, where attention to detail and attention to guests are intrinsic to its culture. But there are also common features, the most important is the love for beautiful things, for quality and for tradition and Mont Marçal feels very identified with this attitude.

The export team follows the programmed routes with the same dynamics of the first day visiting Yokohama and Sopporo and giving support in the stores of Tokyo and surroundings where the following stores are visited several times: Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Kitasenju, Shinjuku, Yokohama, proposing pairings and organizing masterclass.

We are more than confident of working with a very good partner in Japan. They take great care and value the quality of our products, increasing the loyalty of end customers who personally contact us to communicate that they are great fans of our range of products. This is significant and it makes us feel very proud and with a desire to improve more and more.

We thank the magnificent Vinos Yamazaki Team and congratulate them for many more years of successful activity, they deserve it due to their great work.