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Festival Yamazaki is now 25 years old!

Vinos Yamazaki was founded in Shizuoka in 1913, at the beginning they dedicated all the efforts to the commercialization of Sake and later they began with the importation of wines.

Nowadays, they continue with the commercialization of Sake and also with the import and sale of wines and delicatessen from all over the world, being one of the best known importers in the country. It dispose of 24 big gourmet stores in strategic places in Japan where Mont Marçal is present with many references of its portfolio.

Our mission began on 6th of March with a dinner in the city that saw the birth of Vinos Yamazaki and where it currently has its honorary headquarters, Shizuoka. We participated in an event where a dinner is held with about 300 people, in which Mont Marçal is made known with a welcome drink of Extremarium Brut Reserva.

During dinner people could taste our key products for the Japanese market such as Extremarium Brut Reserva, Aureum Brut Nature Gran Reserva and Mas Marçal Garnacha.

The days passed quickly as planned, according to the frantic and tireless pace of our Japanese colleagues. Japanese culture is very fascinating. The Japanese, in many ways, feel nowadays very close to Europe, but they also live a great and ancient diversity, of which they are rightly proud. The sense of honor and respect that distinguish Japanese culture, especially as far as concerned work, help to create situations of peaceful and efficient meetings and relationship problems rarely arise. Japan is a hyper-organized country, where attention to detail and attention to guests are intrinsic to its culture. But there are also common features, the most important is the love for beautiful things, for quality and for tradition and Mont Marçal feels very identified with this attitude.

The export team follows the programmed routes with the same dynamics of the first day visiting Yokohama and Sopporo and giving support in the stores of Tokyo and surroundings where the following stores are visited several times: Ikebukuro, Shinagawa, Kitasenju, Shinjuku, Yokohama, proposing pairings and organizing masterclass.

We are more than confident of working with a very good partner in Japan. They take great care and value the quality of our products, increasing the loyalty of end customers who personally contact us to communicate that they are great fans of our range of products. This is significant and it makes us feel very proud and with a desire to improve more and more.

We thank the magnificent Vinos Yamazaki Team and congratulate them for many more years of successful activity, they deserve it due to their great work.


In Sieraków, a stone’s throw from Krakow, supporting our Dom Wina distributor

We already talked about our Dom Wina distributor in our blog, in one of the trips we take twice a year to support the activities it organizes.

At this time of the year the Horeca 2019 Event took place in the small and cozy Sieraków at 30km from the breathtaking Krakow.

At 12:30 on 14th of March, the event began. It is organized officially for a professional audience of the Horeca channel in the intact nature of the place where the owner Pawel organizes the festival with love and impeccably each year. Accompanied by Italian, Argentine, French, Israeli and Uruguayan wineries the owner of the company opened the tastings with a detailed speech about the situation of Dom Wina, especially the new incorporation and the new Dwor Sieraków vodka produced by them and that is having an impressive success. We had the honor to try it exclusively and to understand more thoroughly its production process and its maceration with typical forest fruits of Poland.

Although Dom Wina has an extensive portfolio of Mont Marçal, this time the products presented were the Gran Cuvée cava, the Marcelona Blanco wine, Marcelona tinto and Mont Marçal Crianza.

The affluence of the public is about 250 people. The Gran Cuvée is the star of the moment with the Crianza red wine.

We understood that Poland is a country that loves the most complex and consistent products. The palate of the Poles is satisfied and complete only when a wine or cava have a certain consistency and a precise long aftertaste.

The acceptance of our products in this market is very good, the most part of professionals tasted our cava, they repeated it and they were really interested in knowing more about the history of the cava and its denomination of origin, an aspect that stood out a lot and let think about the curious nature of the Poles, who for a moment, confident, let themselves be taken by hand and transported in our vineyards to enjoy the sight of the first buds and the faint perfume of the approaching spring.

Once the festival was over, as always Pawel with Arthur and Kasia, two important figures of the Dom Wina team, is the soul of the party and gave the “go-ahead” to start the delicious and entertaining dinner where the Polish delicacies accompanied the wines of other wineries and our cava.

We left this desolate but pleasant and quiet place to go straight to the frenetic Prowein fair, two completely antithetic events. In our heart it was necessary to keep alive the memory of these days spent among the forests and the perfumes of the real Polish campaign. In this way, we were able to keep cold the nerves and face the most important wine fair in the world.


The magic of life

Have you ever seen those beautiful photos of naked vines with drops like tears at the end of some pruned branches? This phenomenon called “bleeding” is the characteristic sign of the awakening of the vine that unmistakably marks the arrival of spring. The phenomenon usually takes place between the end of February and March and marks the time when the bud break phase of the vine begins. Generally, during the winter the plant is in the “dormant” phase, it is subjected to pruning and the branches that will produce fruit are selected. Being in a lethargic phase, the plant has reduced its vital functions to a minimum. Between March and April, when temperatures begin to rise and the earth warms up, the vine slowly resumes its lymphatic activity.

The vine begins the phase of growth that will cause the plant to be covered with foliage and the buds, that will become the future branches, will appear. By May, however, flowering will begin. This is a very important moment because the pollination of the flowers will yield the precious fruits: the grapes that, in September, after the harvest, will become wine.

This year the bleeding of the vine started at the beginning of March and the bud break around the 15th of the same month. Do not forget that the period depends on different aspects related to the seasonal trend and the type of vine.

To speak of spring is to take courage and emanate a cry of liberation when our soul warms up under the still weak rays of the sun. Spring is regeneration of ourselves. We wake up like the vine from the torpor winter and we enjoy life with more euphoria and positivity.

Spring comes with the awakening of exuberant nature by the infinite palette of colors that intoxicate the view and give the soul a feeling of calm with oneself and with life. Like the vine, not everyone is ready at the same time for this sudden change. Some people are more prone and there are also those who take longer … beauty means accepting the moments of each one.


ProWein 2019

Este año para ProWein es un año importante, ya que cumple 25 años de historia de éxito como feria internacional de referencia en el mundo del vino. La ministra de Agricultura Julia Klöckner abrió la edición 2019 con las siguientes palabras: “Cuando empezamos con ProWein hace 25 años, en ningún momento se nos pasó por la cabeza que nuestro crecimiento iba a ser tan increíble. Paso a paso, junto a nuestros socios, hemos sido capaces de consolidar esta feria; la feria de vinos y licores más importante y grande del mundo”. Por su lado, el gerente de Messe Düsseldorf, Hans Werner Reinhard, señaló: “Ya tenemos en mente numerosas ideas para el futuro”. Incluso dos primeros ministros, el portugués António Luís Santos da Costa y el croata Andrej Plenkovic, no han podido resistirse a visitar al líder del sector ProWein en el año de su aniversario.

Cada año el crecimiento es exponencial. Düsseldorf ha tenido como huéspedes un total de 61.500 visitantes profesionales del sector del comercio y la gastronomía. Los visitantes se han desplazado de 142 países (en 2018, 133 países) y han mostrado especial interés por los vinos de Alemania, Italia, Francia y España.

Por lo que concierne los proveedores de vinos y licores, este año han asistido aproximadamente 6.900 personas.

Es relevante destacar que los países expositores con mayor relevancia en ProWein 2019 han sido Italia (1654) y Francia (1576), seguidos de Alemania (978), las regiones de ultramar (600), Austria (335), España (661) y Portugal (387).

Ya están fijadas las fechas de la siguiente edición: del 15 al 17 de marzo y para el 2021 los proyectos son aún más pretenciosos y grandes con una disposición ampliada de los pabellones.

Por lo que Mont Marçal se refiere, los encuentros se han desarrollado uno tras del otro, con una participación muy activa por parte de todos nuestros distribuidores que habían quedado con antelación para tener reuniones con nosotros y nos han deleitado con su presencia. Estos momentos juntos nos han dado la posibilidad de volver a encontrarnos, hablar de los proyectos y objetivos para 2019 y… disfrutar de una copa de cava todos con alegría y buen humor!



On 25th February we arrived in Bratislava with the suitcase full of enthusiasm and space to fill with new experiences. We started our trip with the help of our importer in Slovakia, Martin Czafik from Bsp, who after showing us the city and telling us some anecdotes about his life, brought us his enthusiasm for working with us. Bsp is an importer born out of passion, from the desire to work with wines and cavas from Spain, working only with Mont Marçal and proposing products such as Mont Marçal Reserva, Gran Cuvé and Aureum in the Slovak market. In a few days, next 17th of March, we will meet again at Prowein, one of the most important fairs of the sector that will take place in Duesseldorf.

Bsp showed its satisfaction in matters of management, organization and logistics with Mont Marçal, praising the close communication between both companies. Feedback has been very positive despite the fact that it is difficult to introduce cava in the Slovak market, since most restaurants are Austrian and Italian, with Schaumwein and Prosecco as protagonists.

From Slovakia, we head to Blatnička, a town of 300 inhabitants in the Czech Republic. There we met with our importer Vino Hruška. Michael Morrison, the import manager, showed us the farm and the vineyards and we had the option of tasting the Vino Hruška’s products. Her director of Marketing, who remarked the usefulness of our website, asked us for more exclusive information about the winery and the family Hruška invited us to eat with them.

The proximity is the characteristic that distinguishes the company, every half day the president, the technicians of warehouse, the administrative and the workers eat together and exchange opinions about the daily work.

Its expansion process is evident and we are very confident in its good work.

This has been a very important trip especially to meet our importers personally. These relations with them are what we want to promote in Mont Marçal since the success of our export work depends largely on this, as well as being able to demonstrate the quality of our products.