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We cross the puddle to the United States

Finally, it was time to embark on our great journey full of expectations for the great continent. Our mission began in Chicago with the main purpose of visiting the distributor that Classical wines has in the city, Connoisseur Wines.

Classical wines apart from distributing, imports wines, working with wineries such as Can Feixas and Mas Fi.

Our agenda was full of appointments, we visited 16 points of sale, between wineries and restaurants and the result was that more than one restaurant decided to introduce in their menu our versatile Mont Marçal Brut Reserva with the possibility of tasting by glass. In other establishments, which dispose already of the reference Mont Marçal Reserva, Mont Marçal Brut Rosado is awe-inspiring and starts to succeed. Apart from visiting, we also take a break dining and enjoying the cuisine of the country with new customers and explaining our mission, vision and values, making a much more comprehensive and visual presentation of our products.

The third day, encouraged and eager for new adventures, we arrived in Portland to face the distributor of Classical wines called Galaxy Wines, importer from brands such as Can Feixas and Llopart and a faithful collaborator of our winery.

Analyzing its history, we saw that the importer buy more Mont Marçal comparing with other part of USA. Between the appointments prefixed with the responsible of Spanish wines and a seller, the dynamics was the same as the previous days. Dinners, tastings, promotional activities and visibility of the brand were the protagonists of these unforgettable days full of endeavors.

Seattle was our last stage; there we met Almudena and Steve, the directors of Classical Wines. The main theme of our meeting was the communication of the new organizational and structural changes of the company, useful to redirect the company towards a new path, where the future we hope smiling and where the quality is the pillar of our objectives. They told us about the qualitative improvement in the last two years, something that customers perceive more and more.

Summarizing, we can value this trip as very positive, the American market is growing, the cava begins to be part of the lives of Americans and this is not surprising given the innovative and proactive nature of this population. We know that the nature of the Americans is to be honest, competitive, energetic and ethnocentric and once they are loyal, they know how to be very devout.