Monthly Archives: Декабрь 2018

The tirage has already begun!

From the offices of our winery, today, we begin to hear the tinkle of glass bottles. A distant sound that does not bother, on the contrary, awakens in us the curiosity to go down the stairs and see what is happening in the production line. We hear the news of a colleague who says: «The tirage has already begun!» Opening the door, we perceive first the smell of fresh jasmine and field flowers and we find our colleagues, who frantically and laboriously move from one part to the other of the production line in an indefatigable way, controlling that everything follows correctly.  They will dedicate a lot of time, until March, to one of the most important phase of cava’s elaboration. It deals with a process, which consist of filling the bottles with base wine and the «tirage liqueur», composed of yeast and sugar. The same yeasts will be the unquestionable protagonists of the second fermentation within the same bottle.

Once this process is finished, the bottles will be lowered into the darkness of the cellar, placed in the «rimas» position (horizontally). Our colleagues know very well that a season of hard work begins for them. When we watch television or listen to news about industries, factories, workers, the message we receive is quite sad. It is thought that there are no workers anymore because on the screen there are only images of technological robots that move pieces. The images of the workers are never there. However, for us the worker is the point of support and departure of everything, the embodiment of the success of our products. At six o’clock in the morning, our team starts its workday. Rightly, at this time, our colleagues are still a little sleepy. Before 7 am, few words are exchanged and if a question is asked, the answer comes after a few minutes, because everyone is very focused on the work to be developed, aware that, on the other hand, there is a great responsibility: the success of our winery.

At eight o’clock, all are already awake, active and full of energy and with a resplendent smile, they welcome the other part of the workers team, who begins the shift.
This is the most beautiful moment of the whole day, the meeting of each member of our winery. They, already awake for hours, wish the best day to others, minimizing their fatigue. The tiredness is heard, but not as a complaint, but as proof of the great involvement and dedication that our collaborators adopt, every day, every hour, every second …

The rest will accompany our product during a certain time so that little by little, without haste, it will mature its gestation months later. Great things need their time and our great products get the care, affection and time necessary to get their personality.