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As every year (and always with an increasing enthusiasm) we embark on our trip to the US to establish and strengthen our relationships, offer commercial support and plan business visits with our historical importer Classical Wines from Spain, our faithful companion since the origins of its creation in 1984 and renowned for having the most complete Spanish wine portfolio.

Moments of hard work alternated moments of sweet memories.

Steve Metzler remembered: “I first arrived in Penedès in September 1983, but I did not meet Manuel Sancho until February 1984. I was still working in a wine store; we tried to import a pallet through a local importer who sold a lot of Castellblanch. He introduced him to us as a favor. At the end of 1984, I started looking for distribution as an agent. At the beginning of 1985, I met Almudena, we got married in August and soon we became real importers of buying and selling. Everything little by little, there was no money, only the hope. Since we had more than 10 years of experience in this sector, compared to the rest of the Spanish wine market, we had the time to settle down without problems.”

Verity wines, the distributor of Classical, is our second stage. With their great team, we visited the cities of Buffalo, Rochester, Albany and New York City and noticed in the eyes of the workers the reflection of the passion for our products. For them it is essential that on the labels people can appreciate that our cavas are Vintage.

In the city of New York, we were able to organize a tasting of our cavas with the entire commercial team, where we value and confirm the very good potential of this distributor, which dispose of a team of about 40 sellers for the State and its office is located in 8th Avenue, very close to the Empire State Building.

Few can have the privilege of enjoying an office in this strategic area.

In the State of Connecticut, we visited our Hartley and Parker Distributor in the Southern Connecticut area, 30 minutes from NYC. It is a residential area for all those who want to live away from the frenetic pace of the biggest city in the USA.

It is always a pity that each wonderful experience comes to an end. Our last destination was the State of Massachusetts where we focused all our energy for a couple of days in Boston, one of the most important cities in the USA, where there are the most prestigious universities in the country, Harvard and Cambridge.

Our distributor in this State is Carolina Wine & Spirits, Martignetti Companies a very important distributor and with enough presence and visibility in the market. The sensations and the contacts made there are very promising.

During these two weeks-long travel we found true fans of our cavas, professionals who would like more interaction with someone from the winery and curious people who asked for technical information and anecdotes of the winery.

Our mental schemes guide us towards solutions that are repetitive compared to what we can imagine. It is difficult to think outside of our own patterns and it is absurd to believe that there are patterns shared by all.

Each man is an individual and, as such, has a different identity of thought from all others and it is interesting to know how to accept the criticisms and new ideas of those who cross our destiny, it is important to know how to accept divergences and enjoy all the recognition and merits concerning our products.

The treasure that we took to Spain is respect for the opinions of others and the thrust that new ideas can offer us. Knowing how to confront others is important because only from the comparison can something new be born.